Although winter is typically associated with hazardous driving conditions, the summer season also presents its own set of risks. During the summertime, drivers must remain patient and alert to prevent severe accidents and injuries. Please read and contact our skilled New York City & Westchester County Auto Accident Lawyer to learn some of the most common summer driving safety hazards. 


For many families, the summer is an opportunity to go on vacations while their children are out of school for the year. That said, more people are on the road than usual, which increases traffic. Families that choose driving as their means of transportation may be in a hurry to get to their destination. They may become impatient and drive more aggressively to speed up their journey. However, more often than not, aggressive driving results in serious accidents.

Alongside family vacations, road construction also brings increased traffic. The summer season is when road crews will repair damages caused by winter weather conditions. Traffic delays and detours caused by road construction also cause impatience among motorists, leading to them engaging in unsafe driving behaviors that result in collisions. You should remain patient and alert while driving to prevent severe accidents and injuries.

As mentioned above, kids and teenagers are on break from school during the summer season. Therefore, more teenagers are on the road than usual. Teenagers are inexperienced drivers who often engage in unsafe driving behaviors such as texting and driving. Due to their inexperience, they typically do not know how to react to specific roadway hazards. You should be aware of teenage motorists this summer to stay safe.

Furthermore, you must be aware of motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. As the temperature rises, more people opt for motorcycles, bicycles, and walking as their preferred mode of transportation. While driving, you must be aware of motorcycles, which can be challenging to see as they disappear in blind sports. To prevent motorcycle accidents, keep a greater distance and check twice before merging lanes. You should also be aware of bicyclists, which can be hard to predict. Bicyclists are vulnerable on the road as they are also challenging to see and may appear out of nowhere. Therefore, you must also keep a greater distance to prevent serious accidents. It is also crucial to look out for distracted pedestrians, especially at night, as pedestrians may be looking at their mobile devices.

Ultimately, there are several summertime driving hazards that motorists should be aware of to prevent accidents and injuries. If you have been injured in an auto accident due to negligence, contact a trusted lawyer from The Bàez Legal Group, who can help you seek reasonable compensation for your damages.

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