Unfortunately, all different types of auto accidents have the potential to cause catastrophic injuries and damage. However, some auto collisions are more severe than others and have a higher fatality rate. Two huge factors that affect the severity of an auto accident and can increase the fatality rate are the speed at which the vehicles involved are traveling at the time of the accident and whether they are wearing their seat belts. If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, our seasoned Westchester County Car Accident Lawyer can help you file a claim against a negligent party to seek reasonable compensation for your damages. 


Without a doubt, the most dangerous and fatal auto accidents to occur on the road are off-the-road collisions. Off-the-road collisions occur when a vehicle diverts from the road and crashes into an object such as a cement barrier or telephone pole. Research has shown that a devastating 32% of fatal auto accidents are off-the-road collisions. Unfortunately, many drivers engage in reckless driving behaviors such as distracted and drunk driving which often leads to these types of collisions. Alongside off-the-road collisions, side-impact collisions are extremely dangerous. Statistics have shown that side-impact collisions account for a tragic 21% of fatal car accidents. As the name suggests, side-impact collisions occur when a vehicle crashes into the side of another vehicle. These types of accidents have a high rate of fatalities because the side of a vehicle does not offer the same protection to occupants that the front and back of a vehicle do. Another dangerous type of collision is head-on crashes. Head-on collisions occur when two vehicles that are driving in the opposite direction crash into each other front to front. These types of accidents make up a tragic 10% of fatal car accidents. Due to the impact of the combined speed of each vehicle, victims of head-on collisions rarely emerge unharmed. The same holds for rollover accidents. Rollover accidents are extremely dangerous as a vehicle can flip one or more times onto its side or roof. Occupants’ bodies are tossed in many different directions which can cause them to suffer life-threatening internal injuries. Rollover accidents typically occur when a top-heavy vehicle such as a truck strikes another vehicle. Ultimately, all of these dangerous auto accidents can cause victims to sustain catastrophic physical and mental trauma. Motorists must abide by the rules of the road and exercise reasonable care for everyone on the road to prevent serious accidents and injuries.

In the unfortunate event that you or a loved one has been injured in any type of car accident, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our adept team members. It is crucial to take legal action as soon as possible to ensure you don’t lose your opportunity to seek monetary compensation for your damages. With years of experience, our compassionate firm can help you seek the justice you deserve. Visit the Bàez Legal Group now!

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