I can't speak highly enough about Jose Anibal Baez and his prowess as a personal injury attorney. He handled my construction accident case with the utmost professionalism and tenacity. His knowledge of construction law and commitment to justice resulted in a settlement that far exceeded my expectations. A true advocate for his clients.

- Gregorio S.

I am delighted to share my experience with Jose Anibal Baez, who has proven to be an exceptional trucking case and personal injury attorney. Beyond his impressive legal acumen, Jose's warmth and engaging personality set him apart. His ability to listen attentively and execute with precision reflects not only his professionalism but also his genuine commitment to his clients. I wholeheartedly appreciate his skills, dedication, and the ease with which he navigates complex legal matters. Choosing Jose was undoubtedly the right decision, and I confidently recommend him for anyone seeking an outstanding attorney with a stellar blend of expertise and interpersonal skills

- Diana S.

Jose is a great and trustworthy lawyer. He is an asset to anyone he meets and always fights for what's right. He will make sure you get justice! Thank you for everything!

- Caleb Spillane

José Báez is an excellent Attorney. He helped me through one of the toughest times in my life. He gave me support and was very professional and of high quality. José was always accessible and always returns my calls without delay. I just can’t say enough about José Báez. Anybody who’s been injured in a truck accident, or any other accident should definitely hire José Báez. I strongly recommend Mr. Báez.

- Elizabeth S.

Mr. Báez is one of the most compassionate trustworthy, smartest, and respectful human beings I have ever met. He is truly one of the best lawyers in all of New York. He and his legal group are extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the law. I thank him for helping my family and recommend him without reservations.

- William V.

Jose Baez was the angel I desperately needed.  Mr. Baez made me feel secure and walked with me through every step of my legal battle.  He showed compassion and understanding, on top of being knowledgeable.  Jose was efficient and effective in achieving the desired results.  Words cannot describe the gratitude I feel for Mr. Baez and all his help in dealing with a difficult matter.  I rest assured knowing that I can count on him at any time.  I am forever indebted to Mr. Baez and his team.

- Diana G.

It is an immense privilege to know Jose Baez for several years now.  He's an amazing Lawyer, brilliant, respectful, trustworthy, reliable...so much to say about him. To sum it up I highly recommend him, I am grateful for the assistance he gave my daughter, we are forever thankful.

- Reggie I.

I have known Jose for a long time. He helped me and my family through a very difficult time. Jose is a very intelligent, kind, companionate and trustworthy lawyer that you can count on anytime. He is very diligent and professional always ready to help and give you the best advice.

- Carla F.

I have been privileged to work with Jose Baez as co-counsel on several matters and also to have been his client. Jose is a lawyer’s lawyer, a real pro. He is very smart, prepared, meticulous, tenacious, and gets results — all you could ask for in your advocate. You couldn’t have anyone better on your side!

- Stephan R.

I don’t know what we would have done if we did not have Mr. Baez advising us when my brother was injured by the doctors at the hospital. Mr. Baez was also an amazing support while we were dealing with my brother’s estate prior and after his passing. We will always be grateful for Mr. Baez’ legal competence and utmost reliance.

- Leonarda S.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had Mr. Baez fighting my legal battles. Mr. Baez has made all the difference in promptly resolving any complex issues and is on my family’s speed dial. He is our guardian angel, and we will always be grateful.

- Nancy H.

Jose is one of the most compassionate, trustworthy and brilliant lawyers in NYC! He really cares about your well-being and goes above and beyond to make sure you're well represented. He is always available and responsive whenever you need him. I've recommended him to close friends who were absolutely thrilled to work with him!

- Seda B.

I strongly recommend Mr. Anibal Baez as your attorney. He is trustworthy and kind. He was always available and he always fought my legal battles.
I am very thankful for him and his legal group.

– Josse M.

Mr. Jose Baez,
Is an amazing attorney, for he is very smart, kind and very dedicated to help us in my son's case. He treated my son and I with respect and supported us thorough my son's hard situation.
He always made us feel secure, and I would strongly recommend his law group, for They are very trustworthy.

- Gloria V.

Jose Anibal Baez is dedicated and fights for his clients. I would highly recommend him for any car accident case. If you want an attorney who cares about you and your case call Jose Anibal Baez

– Linda Quade

Not only have I had the pleasure of working alongside Jose, but I’ve also been on the receiving end of his handling of the transference of my father’s estate. Jose and the Baez Legal Group demonstrated a kind of versatility, accountability, and dedication rarely seen outside of large international law firms. He handles a wide variety of cases with seeming ease, often surprising both his clients and I with the scope of his knowledge of different legal disciplines. Jose is not one of the myriads of lawyers that always seem too busy to allocate the proper amount of care and time to their clients; in fact, he was often in the habit of reaching out first, even if just to see how we’re doing. Should you wish to receive an unprecedented amount of excellence in the handling of your case, the Baez Legal Group should be your first and only resort.

- Kenny S.

Mr. Baez has always been who my family and I turn to for legal advice, as his experience and expertise has lent a hand time and time again in reviewing and assessing an array of medical malpractice, corporate and estate matters. He is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the law, and I highly recommend him.

- Sabrina S.

Jose stuck with me in a very difficult case that many other lawyers would not even take on. It was a three-year battle and luckily with Jose’s help I was not charged criminally. Jose pays very close attention to details and his responses to the opposing side were thorough and full of substance.

- Alex B.

I can only say great things about Jose Baez! He has advised me and helped my cases and has proven to be the go-to guy to save the day. I am truly grateful I met him.

- Steven P.

As a fellow seasoned criminal defense attorney, I have worked on multiple cases with Jose Baez and have known him in a professional capacity for many years. Mr. Baez and I are both ‘warrior’ graduates of the esteemed Trial Lawyer’s College, and I have always found him to be a diligent and personable colleague and a fierce and knowledgeable advocate for his clients.

- Patrick M.

I met Mr. Baez by chance after having a really bad fall on a public street. After my medical bills started piling up, I wanted to know what exactly my legal options were. He walked me through every possible step and helped me get exactly what I needed to support my case. Needless to say, I won my settlement!

- Giscaury C.

I highly recommend Jose Baez as a highly intelligent, ambitious, and thorough attorney. He represented me in a very serious tax matter that achieved excellent results. I doubt any other attorney would have done the job comparable to the results he achieved.

- Jeffrey W.

Jose is such an incredibly kind, caring, and trustworthy attorney. After making the leap to start a business, he helped outline and support our next startup steps with such ease and confidence. He's available when we have any questions and I feel at ease knowing we can ask for his guidance!

- Amanda S.



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